Term 2 Claremont Wednesday Artisan Club

Term 2 Claremont Wednesday Artisan Club

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Balance out the busyness of school and high activity of sport and hone your kids senses, eye for design and develop fine motor skills at Craft Club!  Our tutors overlay the practice of resilience, reflection and resourcefulness. We take all beginners and develop their confidence in more ways than craft.

Give kids a rich sensory environment this term with our SMELL based projects.  Mother's Day is coming up and we have lots of beautiful things to explore, play and make.  Bath bombs, carving soap, body scrubs, candle making and more!

Book here for WEDNESDAY'S KIDS CRAFT CLUB at CLAREMONT from 3.30pm until 5.00pm. As we are a new extra-curricular provider, we are trialling our Club from this new location starting week 1 in Term 2.  

Term 2 dates start May 2nd to June 13th (7 weeks). We will be able to extend this to the remainder of the term so stay tuned. Early bird rates for our existing mini-artisans are $22 per class, book before 14th April. Other times $28 per class. 

The craft workshop is located in the room at the back of the hall at Claremont College. We provide aprons to protect uniforms, however feel free to bring a change of clothes as having fun sometimes comes with mess.  Students can BYO afternoon tea and wait on the balcony just outside the Hall before the workshop commences at 3.30pm.

A bit about our teachers: Shallal Bader currently runs the Wednesday and Thursday Craft Clubs from Maroubra and will be running the Claremont Club.  She is a trained Art Teacher and Art Therapist, WWC0951842E. Phi Morton, Chief Crafty Lady, will also teach and has 2 Claremont kids currently attending. WWC0482434E.

One free trial workshop available for new attendees where there is availability. Send us an email if you would like to enquire.

We have one teacher for every 8 kids and are able to split the groups according to ability.

Join at any time, only pay for the remainder of the term.